Sherwood "Woody" Schrenk

General background

I grew up in Aberdeen, my parents were lifelong residents, so I am familiar with Aberdeen, the rural areas, farming, and the people of this area.  As you consider a therapist, you may be looking for someone who seems to value the things you value, someone who will want to support your life goals; listen to your own sense of who can help you get started, focusing on your need to understand what you really want and how to start getting more out of life.

I provide a caring and nonjudgmental environment where you can explore your current life challenges, as well as address past issues that concern you.  I have a healthy respect for the difficulties and complexities of life and will provide a setting for individuals or couples to explore solutions to the problems they face.

Counseling and therapy begins with the relationship

Starting therapy and facing life's most difficult challenges may be intimidating. To help reduce your anxiety about treatment, I work to provide an open and accepting environment. I consider it a privilege to be able to work with individuals and couples and to be a part of their journey toward living a better life. I believe that everyone is doing the best they can and they are also able to do better given new perspectives and skills.

Issues and Experience

The most common issues I work with are depression, anxiety, loss, relationship problems, anger, stress, life transitions, parenting, marital problems, behavioral or impulse problems, and general adjustment to life stresses and events.

Having worked in the local community mental health center and most recently for a counseling agency, I have many years of experience. I have worked in a number of settings, providing employee assistance program services, traditional counseling services and inpatient mental health.

Style and Approach

I enjoy coming along  side individuals who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, life transitions, and grief and loss.  Having individuals share their story is, to me, a privilege and something to honor and respect.  It's not necessarily easy to tell someone what is going on for us or inside of us.

I enjoy working with couples to help them work toward more peaceful, satisfying and intimate relationships.  I see couples who are struggling and seeking ways to reconnect and look forward to helping couples communicate more effectively and restore feelings of love and respect.

I speak in easy-to-understand terms, and provide honest and direct feedback in the most kind and supportive manner possible. I try to phrase things in a way that you can hear, and that makes sense to you. Most people say I am very down-to-earth and easy to relate to. My style is an interactive one; rather than just listening passively. I am attentive, share insight, and make respectful comments and suggestions.